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1. destinations & dates

Set where you want to go and when, and limit matching swappers to those who would like to visit your area.

  • their interest: only those interested in visiting your area. Results will be sorted by relevance, first those who said they're interested in your specific location, then those interested in your county, then your region, country, and finally continent.
  • dates: homes having availabilities intersecting your dates, does not include those who said they're open to any date
  • include open to any destination/date: in addition to those interesed in your location and your dates, include those who are open to any destination or date. They are less likely to swap with you, but worth a try if you don't see other options.

2. home & neighborhood

Set your preferences about to home you wish to swap to and it's neighborhood, or filter for recent addtions only.

3. exchange & partner

Set your requirements about your exchange partner, the type of exchange, and your special needs like accessibility.

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How to search?

Set where you want to go and when, and limit matching swappers to those who would like to visit your area.

What is home exchange?

Home exchange is an idea from the fifties, and in its simplest form involves two parties exchanging their homes, and so have a free accomodation wherever they wish to travel - and where they can actua...

About us

ExchangeMouse is a free metaseaerch engine for the home exchange sector. It is not a home exchange club itself, instead it helps users find the right site for their specific location and destination p...